Tomoko Kawai | Forest – Folk Museum 

Baroque / of the Forest
20 May-25 Jun 2023

河合智子 「森の/バロック」 春日森の文化博物館 Tomoko Kawai 

Baroque, from the meaning of “twisted pearl,” is a stylistic concept of art, architecture, and music that emerged between the late 16th and mid-18th centuries and characterized a style of art that was full of movement, as opposed to the classical, orderly, and balanced Renaissance style. Later, it also became a generic term for a type of literature, period, and spirit in general.

Forest-Folk Museum opened in 1995 under the general supervision of anthropologist Shinichi Nakazawa. In his keynote speech, “What Revives People,” at the symposium “The Wild Forest” held in 1999, Mr. Nakazawa stated that the museum is a place to consider the long span of human life and happiness. He thought the “forest” holds and that “coming here will change our way of seeing things. This is a rare and unique attempt to create a museum that will change how we view the world.

The first exhibition in 2023 will feature Berlin-based artist Tomoko Kawai. Kawai’s works, created in Germany and Japan about plants and animals, question contemporary people who seek and define the meaning and value of what they see, asking them what is real, what is nature, and what is something they recognize.