On the Origin of Springs| Künstlerhaus Bethanien

Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 2018
Video, Photo installation and film slides

Tomoko Kawai’s exhibition [ On the Origin of Springs] that invites the visitor to trace perception strings and follow thoughts through photography, video, and installation. Kawai’s multilayered approach generates irregular gaps in the exhibition space.

Works from Japan’s Onogoro Island, Europe’s Rheinfall, and the statues on Schlossbrücke offer different traces of the artist’s developing research on the axes of rhythm, human existence, and the bodily experience. It is at Under den Linden, with the statues being surrounded by massive construction cranes, where the artist most notably discovers Berlin’s rhythmically imperfect and incomplete order. The rhythms of urban Berlin are dotted with various forms of gaps, which are all arranged as functions of the city, their balance maintained through their differences and how they interconnect, that is, function as spaces that maintain a feeling of distance to prevent people and things from transforming.

Based on her own experiences, Kawai has conducted her own investigations of life and human nature by moving through these gaps, where all the boundaries are inoperative, and through histories and Mori Ôgai’s texts, studying the connections between human beings, nature and the city.

© 2022 Tomoko Kawai. Berlin