On the Origin of Springs| Künstlerhaus Bethanien

On the Origin of Springs 2011-2018
Installation view at Künstlerhaus Bethanien 2018
Project, Exhibition, and Publication
Single channel HD film; 11min 45 sec

On the Origin of Springs is her long-term project in Germany and Japan, which invites visitors to trace the artist’s perceptions through her exhibitions in Berlin and Tokyo and readers to follow her thoughts through a book with the same title. The whole project offers different traces of the artist’s developing research on the axes of rhythm, human existence, and physical experience. 

The project explores the connection with Japan’s land, including Sakhalin Island. This project has gradually become a long journey exploring the relationship between humans and nature in urban spaces alienated from the natural world in Japan and Germany and further exploring the origins of what constitutes humans, including ideology, geography, cultural history, and identity.

Material things, events, and organisms do not exist independently. Like circulating water, they are connected and move together in similar cycles. On the Origins of Springs connects a broad array of architectural, literary, and historical elements to investigate relationships among humans, city, and nature, to reconsider human nature and what human life should be. 

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