On the Origin of Springs| Tokyo Phogoraphic Art Museum

Tomoko Kawai

Tokyo Phogoraphic Art Museum, Tokyo, 2019
Video, Photo installation and film slides

Pierre Perrault, the author of On the Origin of Springs (1674), was the first to use scientific measurements to establish the connection between rain and running water. He discovered how rain affects water flow in rivers and the water gushing from springs. 

Material things, events, and organisms do not exist independently. Like circulating water, they are connected and move together in similar cycles. As events, experiences, sounds, images, and other scattered elements all pass through the body, they are connected together, and out of all their interactions new pathways are born. Experiencing while moving through various connecting points generated from there through her own body. 

Her long term project in Tokyo and Berlin On the Origins of Springs offers different traces of her artist’s developing research on the axes of rhythm, human existence, and the bodily experience, and her own investigations of human nature  through variou connections.

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