Synecdoche stage Ⅰ-Ⅱ

Tomoko Kawai

[Synecdoche] stageⅠ-Ⅱ 2015
Installation view at Gallery N
6 photographs on archival pigment print, glass plates

The visual function is deprived beyond the visible conflict and the act of interpreting itself. What is happening in the apparatus, the scene deprived of the visual function, is also the scene of contemporary society.

[Synecdoche] stageⅠ-Ⅱ is a photographic installation consisting of two stages. Each intended to reaffirm the social invisibility of what we perceive and see. The colors and material surfaces of urban cities, buildings, spaces, and all other artifacts expose a world built for us to see. (Stage1) In the outside world, fiction and reality overlap, becoming surface elements, fluidly changing and merging their roles. This project seeks to expose and reaffirm the ambiguity inherent in contemporary society through a synecdoche device (Stage2) that routinely deprives the visual function from the surface of this world.

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